Sonic Boom Season 2 is coming, you can’t stop it

He’s the fastest thing alive

As far as Sonic cartoons go, the Sonic Boom show actually isn’t bad — hell, it’s way more entertaining than the games themselves. For those of you who do enjoy it, you’re going to get more of it, as distributor LER has confirmed recently that Season 2 is coming.

Not only has it started production, but the broadcasting rights are being bought up all over the world, including Italy, Hungary, Romania, Modolva, Czech Republic, and Slovakia, on top of the nearly 100 regions that it already aired in. Russia, Canada, Turkey, and Benelux are next on the list.

Finally, a Blu-ray or DVD release might be possible based on a comment regarding a “multi-territory” video deal.

Sonic Boom Season 2 Confirmed At Trade Show [TSZZ News]

Chris Carter
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