Sonic and the Black Knight is TOTALLY the rebirth of Sonic this time!

Ever since I found out that Sonic Team was little more than a big blue sweatshop, I have come to terms with the fact that anything coming from that studio will just be a disappointment. Sonic games come from a place that has no soul, and expecting any more than mediocrity from people who have been forced to only assemble and not create games is expecting too much.

Nevertheless, here’s a trailer from Sega that does what Sega trailers do best — makes a game look bloody awesome regardless of what the truth might be. Despite the usual reliance on a rather embarrassing theme tune, this video looks pretty cool, with some graphics that are damn good for a Wii game. 

However, it has the Sonic Team logo in it, not the Dimps logo. So forgive me if I don’t get too thrilled. I’ll dance a little jig if it turns out well, but in the meantime, I shan’t be contributing to the Sonic Cycle by getting excited.

Jim Sterling