Sonic 4 Wii HD listing ‘a mistake’

Yesterday, Nintendo of America set up a hype page for Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1. The page listed a bunch of features, including online leaderboards and a widescreen format. The most interesting thing was the fact that Sonic 4 was boasting a “full HD resolution,” despite the fact that the Wii doesn’t output in HD. 

We wondered what that meant, and so did our readers. Some had assumed it would upscale to 720p with third party hardware. Someone pointed out that previous Wii title Muramasa was developed in HD and scaled down to fit the Wii. We contacted Sega using JOURNALISM to find out the truth of the matter, and have now gotten an explanation.

It was a mistake. 

Yep, a simple screw up on the part of Nintendo’s Web monkeys. Sonic 4 on WiiWare will not feature any HD shenanigans, and Sega is having that particular note removed from the page. Sorry guys, but Sega has not found a way to upscale downloadable games nor has it employed sorcery. Still, it looks pretty decent on the Wii regardless, so that’s something at least. 

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