Sonic 2’s false advertising upsets gamers, Microsoft accused of ripping us off

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One of the reasons I was so excited for the release of Sonic 2 on Xbox Live Arcade was the fact that 2 player co-op was touted as a feature. Yes, even though nobody would want to play as Tails because he’s a vile little gimp mutant, it was still a rather cool idea and would bring me back memories of my brother and I playing Sega together, long before he turned into a quasi-pedophillic psychopath. My yearning to return to a simpler time has, however, been dashed when it was revealed that Sonic 2 had been wrongly promoted on There was no co-op, despite what customers were told, and those customers aren’t too thrilled with Microsoft right now.

The ‘Soft has been accused of false advertising by gamers who expected this non-existent feature to be present. While this was more than likely just a silly mistake, clearly there are more than a few people out there who now feel burned. They need to look on the bright side, though. At least they didn’t buy Ecco the friggin’ Dolphin like I did. What do you think? Do you think that Microsoft swindled its customers and need to make amends, or do you believe that the people who bought it needed to look into things more carefully? Or, like me, do you just wish everyone who developed Ecco the Dolphin died in a swamp? Let us know with your juicy comments.

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