Someone made a portable Wii U gaming coat

Another crazy invention from My Mate Vince

While the Wii U is dead, it’s still host to a ton of great first and third party games that aren’t on the Switch yet. Wonderful 101 is probably the prime example (Pikmin 3, one of my favorite Wii U games is another), but there’s also a host of obscure little gems like Game & Wario or Nintendo Land that haven’t made it over, and for functional reasons, could possibly never see the light of day on Switch.

As an answer to all that, the YouTube channel My Mate Vince has created another wacky invention — the Wii U coat. The short of it is that it’s an actual coat that’s rigged up to play the Wii U outside of the confines of the tiny tablet radius, complete with a project in the hood, and..that’s about it.

It’s jank for sure, but for a reasonable price I’d buy something that allowed me to easily transport the Wii U. I’m still going back to it for the reasons I mentioned above, and probably always will.

Chris Carter
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