Someone fixed the Sonic movie trailer with the cartoon Sonic you know and love

He’s still cute

So the Sonic movie trailer dropped at the end of April and pretty much everyone hated it. It looks like an alright way to spend an afternoon with the kids, but the leaks were real, and the warped half-human Sonic design disgusted the world (at the very least, why is no one also talking about how Ben Schwartz, also known as Jean-Ralphio Saperstein, is the perfect voice for a movie Sonic).

It was so universally reviled that the director had to go on Twitter to apologize for it, and the movie was delayed to “fix” his design (unless this is a big marketing campaign, which is not likely as the money they’re going to lose on reworking the character probably won’t make up for it, plus the extra marketing expenses involved in redistributing the “fixed” trailer). But fret not, as film editor Artur Baranov already rectified the situation by editing in the “cartoon” version of Sonic, which is an instant upgrade.

I’ve seen a lot of criticisms that this edit of Sonic doesn’t look “perfect,” but you know what, this isn’t a major studio project, this is one dude. It was also whipped up in, at most, less than a month, as the official trailer debuted on April 30, and this edit was posted on YouTube on May 27.

The runtime of the Sonic film is one hour and 40 minutes, and he won’t appear in every second of it. It stands to reason that the Hollywood production crew in charge can get this done in a reasonable amount of time.

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