Some of Amazon’s best Wednesday deals are on games you wouldn’t expect

Steam accessories too

The certainty behind video games on Black Friday (and the lead-up to it) is that it’ll be the year’s biggest titles that are on sale. It’s expected that the likes of Titanfall, Battlefield, and Gears of War will all be discounted, usually heavily.

Maybe it’s the calm before the storm, but some of the more interesting Wednesday sales are from some of the more unexpected places. Games like Steamworld Collection and Assault Suit Leynos are featured. Of course, plenty of stuff that started yesterday is also here, so it isn’t like it’s only lesser-known titles that are the gems.

Also worth noting is that some Steam hardware went on sale too. The wacky Steam controller and the Steam link both have their prices slashed, making this the perfect opportunity to finally see what those are all about.

That’s about it for Wednesday, a/k/a The Last Day Before Thanksgiving, a/k/a The Day Before Shit Gets Bananas. And, hear you me, it’s gonna get bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

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