Some new Sonic game coming out for some system according to some patent

While trolling patents online, some obsessed Sonic the Hedgehog fans over at Sonic Stadium (go figure) stumbled upon a recently filed patent that indicates a new title might be on the way. Someone, somewhere is surprised. Right?

A patent was filed on April 2nd for something called Sonic Rush Adventure. While to most people this would indicate a sequel to the surprisingly solid DS title, Sonic Rush, it could be something else entirely. You know, like a mobile lemonade stand game starring all of your favorite Sonic Team characters. Or Drug Wars, featuring Tails.

Sega was unavailable for comment, but do they really need to be? It’s a given — there’s another Sonic game coming out for some system at some point. And I’m really, really excited; because that means some more awesomely cheesy metal songs about believing in yourself and never giving up.

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