Soften the blow with NERF Wii Remote Sleeves

The third-party accessory makers have been pitching mostly unnecessary add-ons for our game consoles and related devices for a some time now. This is the first controller accessory that we’ve seen in a long time that actually could show some benefit to gamers, and it manages to add a nice safety bonus as well.

The smooth, small Wii Remote lacks any kind of grip, so slipping on this Pelican Wii Remote sleeve by NERF makes a lot of sense. The sleeve simply slips on to hug the Wiimote, leaving the face buttons and IR emitter uncovered. Gamers commonly complain about ‘Wii hand’ after long bouts of game play, so this added bulk and increased grip-ability is definitely welcome.

The soft layer of NERF material can also provide a second line of defense (do we trust the Wii straps now?) should the controller manage to escape the hands of a player in a heated Wii Bowling frame. Your television and breakables will be a bit more safe now. A Wiimote to the face is still going to hurt, but NERFing out your controllers will help tilt things more towards bruising than breaking.

GameStop has these nifty sleeves listed for a October release, and they’re accepting orders now for $9.99. The price may seem high, but it’s definitely cheaper than a new television. 

[Via Gamersquad]

Dale North