Sniper: Ghost Warrior gives you its locales

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During our preview of Sniper: Ghost Warrior it became pretty obvious that one thing was certain: location matters. So developer City Interactive is doing the right thing in showing off its game maps in these new screens. The game has a variety of levels for you to shoot people in the head in including temples, oil rigs and rainy construction sites. A bit cliche, but still fun.

What I really like from these shots is that all the places don’t seem like they were set up for sniping. I always hate when I get to a point in a game’s level where it is obviously the part where I am supposed to snipe. I’m sure there are perfect little alcoves here and there, but it does seem like the game will be taking a bit more robust look at sniping than the usual fair.

I’ve already planned out where I’ll be shooting from on the oil rig, now to find a nice spot in that jungle to cap a few enemy soldiers.

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