Sniper: Ghost Warrior finally patched

Despite being released weeks ago, and being absolutely crap into the bargain, Sniper: Ghost Warrior has finally received a patch that gives it a boatload of needed tweaks.

We were going to wait for the patch to review it because the game was unplayable in its release condition. However, it’s taken so frigging long for the patch to come out, I think they can shove their review up their arse.

The patch has ten fixes, including tweaks to the enemy AI, an improvement on the entire stealth system, several multiplayer enhancements, and weapon damage alterations. If ever there was an admittance that City Interactive shipped a broken game, this patch is it. 

I’ll certainly try out the patch and see what’s what, but I think this game needs more than some tweaking in order to be even vaguely bearable. Shame, because it had so much potential. Well … it had a bit of potential.


Game A.I.

Hones camouflage system so players are less vulnerable to enemy sight when hidden in vegetation;

Adjusts enemies’ ability to see players at long distances;

Adjusts players’ posture and movement speed when spotted by enemies;

Improves AI behavior in combat situations;

Includes an improved stealth system.


Adjusts duration of breath-holding ability;

Improved bullet ballistics for all weapons;

Indicators of the enemy locations on the radar have been improved.


Adjusts melee attack strength;

Modifies damage, accuracy and range of AI weapons.


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