Sneak and backstab: The Ship HD is coming next year

I’m (soon to be) on a boat

I was always intrigued by The Ship, but the timing wasn’t ever right for me to play it. Back when it was active I didn’t have a gaming PC, and once I built my current rig the community just wasn’t there. With today’s announcement of The Ship HD, it’s looking like I might actually get to check out the sneaky multiplayer game.

What sets The Ship apart from other multiplayer shooters is the slower pace, the need to take care of personal matters like sleepiness and thirst, and that players are assigned a quarry to kill. No points are awarded for killing randomly. It almost sounds like the live action college campus game Assassin, but with more brutal weaponry than Nerf guns.

The Ship HD is set to release in early 2016, a full 10 years after the release of the original.

Darren Nakamura
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