Smoking 360 Wireless Racing Wheel the new Red Ring of Death?

And here I was thinking that, along with rumble, this was another feature Microsoft had up on Sony: After 50 reports of the Xbox 360 Wireless Racing wheel overheating and releasing smoke when plugged in, Microsoft has agreed to send out replacement parts.

Only 50 complaints? Pffft. That’s not so bad — with approximately 230,000 wheels sold, that’s only a 2% smoking/possibly burning down your house rate. This only appears to happen when users have their wheel plugged in, and in addition to sending out replacements, Microsoft has another solution: Stop plugging them in.

Have any of our readers run into this issue with their Wireless Racing Wheel? I was going to pick one up myself, but then I learned it wasn’t compatible with BioShock and decided to buy 58 pounds of Skittles instead.

[Source: MSNBC, thanks dragon7911] 

Nick Chester