Smashing Pumpkins to debut new single as Guitar Hero World Tour DLC

Actvision Blizzard has made two announcements this morning, the first of which should surprise no one who has put faith in rumors: Smashing Pumpkins singer and lead guitarist Billy Corgan will appear as an in-game model in the upcoming Guitar Hero: World Tour. We’re shocked, really. 

It’s also been revealed that the band will be debuting their brand new single “G.L.O.W” as downloadable content after the game is released. Actvision Blizzard are excited about this marking the first time for the franchise that an artist has released a song for the game prior to its commercial release. I hate to be that guy but … you know that other game? Yeah, they did that already. A few times, I think. The DLC pack will also include “1979” and “The Everlasting Gaze.”

Still, this is a great sign that Actvision Blizzard may actually be delivering on the promise of consistent and relevant downloadable content for World Tour. Now if this new Smashing Pumpkins single really was about the Gorgoues Ladies of Wrestlings, we’d be talking an instant sale, wouldn’t we?

Nick Chester