Smash boss says not to expect too many more Super Smash Bros. Ultimate reveals

‘We may have been a little trigger-happy’

So, Nintendo basically could have said “this is Smash Ultimate, it has everything, ever, from past Smash games, enjoy,” and they would have been fine. But Smash boss Masahiro Sakurai doesn’t play that kind of game: he’s content working him and his team to the bone to give fans more. That said, don’t expect a whole lot more explosive reveals between now and the game’s December launch.

In a recent statement Sakurai noted that after Isabelle was revealed in the last Direct presentation, the team is keen on slowing down. He notes that they may have been “a little trigger-happy,” and that the pace will now be “modest,” reminding fans that thinking more rapid-fire reveals were on the way would be a “mistake.”

Sakurai also muses that they only need “a little longer” to finish the game up, which is good news ahead of its December 7 ship date. Honestly they could probably stop now and fans would be satisfied, but I’m sure we’re going to get some more Echo (read: variant) fighter announcements at the very least.

Sakurai [Ryokutya via Siliconera]

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