Smackdown vs. Raw 2008 brings the filthy wrestlers to Nintendo’s DS

Wrestling is the modern era’s poetry, a deep and philosophical journey toward the center of a man’s soul. It represents the pinnacle of mankind’s achievements, the highest of art and the most refined of our cultural creations. I remember the one wrestler who clapped all the time and people would say “He’s got the clap!” Who could forget the one who’s gimmick was that he had an immense penis as well? Yes, professional wrestling represents everything good with the world.

You can now drink your wrestling like a fine wine on the move, as Smackdown vs. Raw 2008 will be coming to the Nintendo DS. The above video shows off the new gameplay footage, which is basically Triple H beating the crap out of King Booker, just like on TV.  Rumor has it that Chris Benoit will be an unlockable character … and you don’t want to know how the touch screen controls are going to be implemented for that one.

[Danke, Donut]

James Stephanie Sterling