Slide Adventure: Mag Kid video shows off new DS peripheral

Remember last month I told you about Nintendo’s new slide controller for the DS? No? I am crushed. Go and check the story out now. I think you’ll find the delicate use of metaphor enchanting.

Anyway, for those of you stubbornly refusing to humor me, the gist was that Nintendo is continuing its campaign to get us all playing videogames with anything other than our thumbs by releasing a new gadget which plugs into the DS GBA slot. When placed on a table top, said shimmying marvel allows the DS to be slid in all directions to control the game. Definitely an idea well into the realms of “Could go either way.”

The only title mentioned to take advantage of the peripheral so far is Slide Adventure: Mag Kid, a 2D top-down adventure, and it is that very game which Jeux France has secured a video of.

Frankly, the terminally underwhelming nature of it had me draining my keyboard of tears within minutes, and by the time I heard the Japanese narrator gleefully bellow “Minigame!”, I was praying for a swift and imminent death. It’s early days for the peripheral though, so check it out and see if you think Mag Kid is a basic foundation for a whole new area of DS control or just a tech demo for soon to be forgotten piece of nonsense.  

[Thanks to Adam Dork] 
David Houghton