announces year-end gaming “roundtable”

Are you blown away by what an amazing year in games 2007 has been? So are the peeps at Slate, and they’ve decided to take action on their feelings by forming the first year-end “Gaming Club” to discuss everything from the games that have revolutionized the industry to the things in gaming that desperately need to change.

Could be good, right? But if you have to listen to multiple douchebags babble on the topic, it could be the most boring thing since playing Yaris. That’s where this gets better: The roundtable members are N’Gai Croal from Newsweek, Stephen Totilo of MTV News, Seth Schiesel on the New York Times and Slate’s own Chris Suellentrop. Real journalists! I wanna be one of them someday. Here’s a snipper from the first email in  the series:

I detect two big themes for the year in games 2007. The first is that this was the best year ever for video games, that never in the past 35 years has there been such an abundance of worthy titles. (Hey, game studios, wanna think about releasing some of those during the first half of 2008?) The second is a lingering sense of frustration that games aren’t even better, now that the medium (and many of its players) approaches middle age. I share both of these sentiments.

As Ron Workman likes to say, No one’s going to win a Pulitzer prize for writing about Princess Peach, but still and all, there’s some brilliant discussions to be had on games, and I trust these people could be the ones to have them. Check it out if you like to engage more than just your fingers in the gaming addiction.

[Via Slate]

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