Skate 2 trailer shows that there will be at least one new feature

Yes, this is definitely a video for a Skate game, no doubt about it. Gander at people skating through parks and down streets, handplanting, and cracking testicles on a handrail. Why, with the exception of a brief moment (at around 0:50) where we get to see a skater dragging a lounge chair to use as a ramp, I can’t tell the difference.

That’s a cool feature, but they’re going to have to give a little something more to convince me that this is worth buying again. I know it’s EA and I shouldn’t be shocked if we only get one or two minor gameplay variations and a new environment for a sequel. Nevertheless, I will still be very disappointed to see something as innovative as Skate was getting the Madden treatment.

Here’s an idea: A mini-game in which you hang out in front of a convenience store and beg passers-by to purchase alcohol for you. I think it would really add a sense of realism, since I usually see people with skateboards spend more time doing that than actually riding them.

Conrad Zimmerman