Ska Studios is working with MS to bring its games to PC

And were even before the Russian hacker did his Russian hackery things

Ska Studios has found its game, The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile, to be the recipient of an enthusiastic, albeit very illegal, port to PC. A Russian hacker by the name of “Barabus” released a free, unauthorized PC version of Vampire Smile to the world this week. However, if he had just waited a bit, he may have gotten what he wanted anyway.

James Silva, Ska’s founder, wrote a post on the studio’s website explaining that the company has already been in talks with Microsoft regarding bringing Ska’s games to PC. In fact, conversations were taking place last week, before any of this drama ever unfolded.

Silva also explained that he hasn’t maliciously ignored the PC crowd, but rather that he simply hasn’t had time to dedicate to working on a port. However, a Vampire Smile Director’s Cut is a project that he’s wanted to take on for some time now.

In true class-act fashion, Silva again expressed that he admired the passion and enthusiasm of Barabus, even if the actions couldn’t be condoned. Silva will be a guest on ‘Sup Holmes this Saturday, and I’m sure he’ll have some more to say about this.

Vampires Smile, Charlie Murders [Ska Studios]

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