Siren: Blood Curse spotted on the cheap at Play-Asia

I had really high hopes for Siren: Blood Curse before its release, but the odd feeling of playing episodes of a television show turned me off in the end and I did not finish it. However, that issue clearly did not bug everyone, as it was given quite a few favorable ratings, but I’m sure some horror fans are unsure whether or not to pick this one up.

Thanks to a tip over at Siliconera, we discovered that you can nab a hard copy of the Asian version of the game, Siren: New Translation, from Play-Asia for $24.99. It is not region-protected and has an English voiceover, and even with shipping added in it is cheaper than the $40 you would spend to download it from the PSN store.

The offer is only good for the next 5 days, so if you want it, I’d suggest you don’t wait. There’s shibito waiting to be killed, you know.

Colette Bennett