Singer allegedly abuses children with Rock Band guitar

Wait, what?

Blackstreet singer Teddy Riley has been hit with a restraining order after his daughter accused him of abusing her and her sister with the help of a Rock Band guitar. Apparently, Riley felt that Christmas was about kicking the sh*t out of girls. What a nice man. 

According to the allegations, the 43-year-old singer spent most of December 23 stomping, bashing and punching his children. Taja Riley claims she suffered “bashes to temple, contusion on face” and “pain in the knee” as a result of the attack. 

The game angle comes in here — Riley clearly felt that he wasn’t getting his point across when he was punching his daughters in the head and felt he needed a weapon, clearly to defend himself against such dangerous opponents as young girls. He picked up a Rock Band guitar and threatened to kill somebody with it. Not to make light of the situation, but it would have been amazing to see him attempt that. 

In any case, the dickless singer has to say 100 yards away from his kids and is due for a hearing in January. Hopefully he won’t get the Chris Brown “you can kick the f*ck out of whoever you like because you’ve sold some albums” treatment. 

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Jim Sterling