Silver Falls gets one more 3DS launch ahead of eShop closure

Silver Falls 3DS

One last ride before the store shuts down

The Nintendo 3DS eShop is closing down later this month. But before the doors close, Silver Falls series developer Sungrand Studios is getting one last launch on the Nintendo 3DS.

Sungrand has announced that two Silver Falls titles are headed to the Nintendo 3DS, in one bundle. Silver Falls Gaiden Deathly Delusion Destroyers and Silver Falls Ruby River both arrive on the digital storefront on March 9.

The two games will be bundled together into one for $16.99, going live only in North America on March 9. It doesn’t sound like there are plans to create any physical copies at the moment, either. So you’ll only have a narrow window of time before the 3DS eShop closes later this month.

Deathly Delusion Destroyers looks to be a “battle RPG,” as the developer describes it. Holding the 3DS sideways, your characters hold out on the right-hand side while enemies flow in from the left. It reminds me a bit of that Flash classic, The Last Stand.

Ruby River, meanwhile, looks like a first-person survival crafting situation. You build a shelter, start a fire, cook steak, and generally try to stay alive as horrors strike.

Heading back to Silver Falls

Sungrand Studios is no stranger to releasing games on platforms that will soon cease to exist. Both Silver Falls – White Inside Its Umbra and Silver Falls Undertakers released on the Wii U for NA last month, and the Wii U is also due to close its online shop soon.

Heck, Sungrand has another Silver Falls game on the 3DS already, though our reviewer wasn’t so keen on Silver Falls: 3 Down Stars. I respect the effort to try and be one of the last games on a soon-to-close digital platform, though. If you’re still aching for more games to fill the 3DS slots up, the new Silver Falls bundle goes live later this week on March 9.

Eric Van Allen
Senior News Reporter