Silent Hill movie sequel is officially official

As far as videogame movies go, Silent Hill wasn’t really that bad. In fact, for the thirst forty-five minutes, it was actually pretty fun, and if you allowed yourself to ignore the niggling issues only a purist fanboy could have and pretended that the “scary little girl” cliché wasn’t being used, it was a decent enough flick.

Naturally, that cannot be accepted, so Hollywood is having another crack of the whip in an effort to make sure we get a truly despicable Silent Hill movie. That’s right, Silent Hill 2 has officially been given the green light.

The news comes with word that screenwriter Roger Avary and producer Samuel Hadida have signed on to make the film. If all goes to plan, the movie will be shot next year by Davis Films once Resident Evil: Afterlife has successfully ruined everybody’s lives. Davis Films is also working on the Return to Castle Wolfenstein movie.

This will doubtless be based on the Silent Hill 2 videogame, possibly with a returning Sean Bean looking for his wife. Silent Hill 2 is among my favorite games of all time, so I fear that my purist fanboy rage may not be contained for a second outing. We shall see. I am really not very hopeful that lightning can strike twice and we’ll get yet another bearable videogame movie.

Jim Sterling