Should you swear allegiance to Wrathion or Sabellian in WoW Dragonflight?

Thankfully, you don’t have to permanently choose

Picking anything in an MMO can be a task. Often times it’s when folks bust out the guides the most, as some games have sparing choices that can permanently impact how you interact with the game: even in small ways. It’s a good thing then that swearing allegiance to Wrathion or Sabellian in WoW Dragonflight isn’t a make or break decision: and you can always swap later.

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Choosing one over the other can matter in the short term, but you can swap each week

When you reach the Obsidian Throne in The Waking Shores (location above), with a full campaign clear and max level cap character in hand, you’ll get a seemingly stressful choice to swear loyalty to either Wrathion or Sebellian (which will be the reputation focus that week). As you ponder whether or not to pick Wrathion or Sabellian, know that it is not permanent.

If you want a certain item from a specific NPC faster (more on that later), choosing the one you need can matter, but it’s only temporarily for that week. Your choice has a “weekly reset,” and you will get the option to change to the other faction (or keep going with the track you’re on) on that weekly reset date. There are numerous tools, including the site “wowreset,” for finding out this exact time.

At the end of the day, hardcore WoW players will just want to max out both Wrathion and Sabellian. There are benefits to having both of them at max, including bonuses like this Loyal Magmammoth mount, as well as free access to all of their NPC’s wares at all times.

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Where can you find the Wrathion and Sabellian vendors, Lorena Belle, and Samia Inkling?

If you do pick Wrathion, you’ll gain reputation for their faction, which in turn grants you access to their NPC’s reputation-based shopping list. The same goes for Sabellian. For Wrathion, the main NPC vendor is Lorena Belle (25.2, 55.8 in The Waking Shores), and for Sabellian, it’s Samia Inkling (24.7, 56.8 in The Waking Shore).

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