Shocker: MS working on a shedload of Halo games

Do you like Halo? You better learn to love it, because Microsoft is pulling out all the stops to make sure there’s more Halo than you can handle in the future. MS’ Phil Spencer has stated that there are at least three or four teams working on new Halo games.

“There are more than two or three teams building Halo games right now,” Spencer claimed. “Some of them we will own, some of them we won’t.”

There are currently four Halo projects that we have heard about. There is of course Halo Wars, an RTS pegged for release next year, the Halo Chronicles game under development by Peter Jackson’s studio, a rumored Bungie title to be published by Microsoft and the inevitable Halo 4, which some believe will launch with Microsoft’s next console. 

In between all that, we still have Hollywood types wanting to resurrect the scrapped movie project, so it seems like the Halo series will be going strong for the next few years. Maybe it means they’ll bring back that Gamer Fuel sh*t. It tasted like sweets.

James Stephanie Sterling