Bullet hell shmup Shinorubi launches on PC and consoles early 2023

shinorubi shmup release date 2023

PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch ports revealed

Red Art Games has announced that frenetic, bullet hell shmup Shinorubi will launch on PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch platforms in early 2023, alongside the official release of the PC edition — which is currently available via Steam Early Access.

Shinorubi spins a tale of a precious mineral, known as “R-R.” This mineral, which grants incredible power and longevity, has been greedily hoarded for over a thousand years by the aristocratic BAÄA family and its ruler, King R.LOYD III. However, legend tells of a coming solstice that will afford the opportunity to topple the rule of BAÄA, and, with the fateful day approaching, eight rebellious members of the king’s own army plan to wrest the power from the family’s grasp, once and for all.

The first title from shmup-lovin’ studio Last Boss 88, Shinorubi is a vertically scrolling danmaku that hopes to put even the most veteran bullet hell fans to the test. Offering up eight unique characters — each with their own distinct playstyle — players will blast their way through waves of enemy vessels before squaring off against the king’s own private army of generals, led by his ruthless daughter, Nemesis. Shinorubi will offer up multiple difficulty settings, an array of arrange modes, and 4K/120fps visuals on PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Shinorubi launches in early 2023 on PlayStation, PC, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch platforms. It is available right now on Steam Early Access. Physical editions are currently in the works, with details to follow at a later date.

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