She-Hulk seemingly leaked after Marvel’s Avengers game stream slip-up

She-Hulk Avengers game

“We don’t announce things”

It sure looks like we got a She-Hulk Avengers game roster addition confirmation — but not in a traditional sense!

Just the other day on the official Xbox Twitch channel, streamer Frank “Techniq” Ellerbe co-hosted a playthrough with Brian Waggoner: lead designer at Crystal Dynamics and Marvel’s Avengers developer. For nearly a full hour the duo hyped up the recent addition of Jane Foster, as they discussed the game as a whole. But during some downtime between mission launches, Techniq gave us a bit of extra info: seemingly going off-script to announce that She-Hulk would arrive at some point.

At the roughly 50-minute mark of the stream, he says: “I think it’s public now, [she’s] announced. So my acting coach guys…I’m in the world of acting…my acting is actually the voice of She-Hulk, and I won’t say her name, because I don’t know if that was public knowledge yet…she was announced.”

You can immediately see Waggoner’s eyes light up as he looks off-screen, and once Techniq is done, he replies “nope, we’ve never announced She-Hulk, we don’t announce things…you know.” I’m amazed at how quickly both of them recover, and Waggoner ends the conversation with “when it’s time to talk about who’s next, we’ll talk about who’s next.”

Note that this leak is a fairly significant moment for the game, as there is seemingly room for another character in the mix. She-Hulk was originally soft/vaguely leaked back in December [hence Techniq’s possible confusion] when the voice actress for the character retweeted a fan, but now it’s kinda hard confirmed. Waggoner confirms that whatever the next roster addition is, it’s something new (potentially like Black Panther), and not a redux of a character (like She-Hulk would potentially be a counterpart to Hulk). If that was the case, we could be getting at least two more characters eventually, and the game will live on far beyond what most predicted around launch.

The stream is currently archived here for now if you want to see the whole context, but Twitter user Miller preserved it below:

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