The Mighty Thor gets a gameplay deep dive ahead of Marvel’s Avengers debut

Marvel's Avengers Jane Foster Thor

Jane Foster takes to the fray tomorrow

The Mighty Thor, the latest hero to join the battle in Marvel’s Avengers, arrives tomorrow. Before her launch, Crystal Dynamics has published a gameplay deep dive exploring just how this Mighty Thor is familiar and not-so-familiar for Marvel’s Avengers players.

The War Table deep dive posted this morning showcases Jane Foster’s specific set of moves. In the Marvel’s Avengers continuum, Foster is brought over from another timeline, one where Thor Odinson gave up the hammer.

With Foster as the new wielder of Mjolnir, her moves may look a little familiar. But there are some differences that make the Mighty Thor a bit different.

The video highlights Jane’s combo abilities, which can create shockwaves as she hits or adds a catch-and-release mechanic to Mjolnir. Her big move looses Mjolnir on enemies, letting it fly around and pummel foes as she summons another weapon, Undrjarn. Twice the bludgeoning seems like bad news for the bad guys.

Mightiest heroes

While the side-by-side comparisons early on don’t help Jane feel all too different from Thor, the later abilities do seem to offer a different and distinct playstyle. The visual design of the Mighty Thor is fantastic too; Foster will get her own cosmetics, and they really lean into some fantastic armor and garb.

In today’s accompanying blog, Crystal Dynamics also confirms it’s working on more content for Marvel’s Avengers. Two new challenges will continue to push the narrative efforts forward, with the first being a villain-focused Warzone.

It’s a good reaffirmation of what’s in store for Marvel’s Avengers for anyone wondering what would happen to the project since Square Enix struck the deal with Embracer. Seems like support is still ongoing, at least for the near future. And in the even-nearer future, the Mighty Thor hits Marvel’s Avengers tomorrow, June 28.

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