Shadow Warrior 2 gets a neat collector’s edition that’s limited to 5,000 copies

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Lo Wang’s classin’ things up right now. Well, relatively speaking, of course. His name’s still Lo Wang and he’s still the protagonist of a game about a million dick jokes

Shadow Warrior 2 is getting what its calling a Special Reserve Collector’s Edition. The title seems pretty accurate, as this version’s limited to 5,000 copies. Along with the game, this collector’s edition includes Shadow Warrior classic, the 2013 Shadow Warrior remake, soundtracks, stickers, a 96-page artbook, and some DLC (like a solid gold ninja).

Even though this is limited, it’s not quite “only 5,000” limited. These look to be the same physical editions that were sold at retail in Poland (and, to this point, only in Poland). The only discernible difference seems to be that, you know, these ones aren’t in Polish.

But, as for the English language boxes where the Steam keys will actually work, yeah, just 5,000 of them. Going to Devolver Digital’s online store is the only way to nab one. They ship sometime in November, but all the digital wares are available to download immediately. The Special Reserve Collector’s Edition runs $60 which is $20 more than Shadow Warrior 2‘s launch price. That’s the premium you pay for having the most prestigious and rare avenue to Lo Wang’s dick jokes.

Shadow Warrior 2 Special Reserve Collector’s Edition [Devolver Digital]

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