Shadow of Mordor’s newest DLC has you wearing rings and fighting Sauron

Yeah, THAT ring

Leagues of Uruks fell by your doing in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor — just an unacceptable amount of dead orcs, really. Sure, that was gratifying in its own way, but a pile of orcs doesn’t carry the same weight as someone whose title includes the words “Dark Lord.”

The Bright Lord, the newest Shadow of Mordor add-on, affords players that opportunity. Playing as Celebrimbor, there’s an eventual showdown with Lord Sauron himself. That’s a tall task, so the fabled ring is there to put the power of invincibility in your corner.

All that lore comes at the cost of $10 for anyone playing Shadow of Mordor on PC, PS4, or Xbox One. The Bright Lord guarantees some of the telltale elements you think of when Lord of the Rings comes to mind. Or, you can keep stacking orc corpses for free. Just make sure not to fall in love with them.

Brett Makedonski
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