Check out Severed Steel’s dance of death in new trailer and PC demo

Reloading is for chumps

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From publisher Digerati and indie outfit Greylock Studios comes Severed Steel, a highly stylized stunt-shooter that combines futuristic voxel visuals with super ballistic action and an unhealthy dose of the old John Woo. Expected to launch later in 2021, Severed Steel has not only received a new trailer, but also a demo, available to download on Steam today.

Severed Steel is an acidic first-person title that puts players in the nimble shoes of one-armed markswoman Steel, as she runs ‘n’ guns her way through squads of heavily-armed opponents while on a covert operation. Though outnumbered, Steel will redress the balance with her highly acrobatic style — spraying the hot steel rain while running, jumping, flipping, sliding, and wall-bouncing her way around the environment.

There are no reloads, so make every single pull of the trigger count, and be sure to partake in a little on-site-procurement for when the going gets really tough. Severed Steel takes pride in its dynamic enemy A.I. as well as its detailed destructible environments. As you can see from the trailer, the title bears more than a passing resemblance to frantic shooters such as High Hell and Superhot. The Severed Steel demo features five campaign missions, five arcade missions, a selection of varied weaponry, and even a few in-game variables, (or “mutators”). So, if you’re a fan of, let’s say, Hard-Boiled action, then maybe fire off a few rounds on Steam today.

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