Several new PS3 Greatest Hits titles spotted

A wise man who reads the Internet would wait a couple of days or weeks before dropping $34.99 on a Used copy of Killzone 2. A recent Wal-Mart advertisement, spotted and then shared by a NeoGAF member, is pegging several high profile titles as future Greatest Hits releases. Killzone 2 is a part of the list of new entrants discovered. Also included are LittleBigPlanet GOTY edition, inFAMOUS, UFC 2009, and Resistance 2.

As 1UP notes, the flyer lists the price as $29.83, which is probably a few cents short off the mark. Regardless, these games are probably going to be mad cheap real soon. What will you do with all that extra clink?

Killzone 2, Infamous and More Being Added to PS3 Greatest Hits [1UP]

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