Seriously: Kinect Googly Eyes is a thing

Killer app. GOTY. Editor’s Choice. Platinum Award. Greatest Hit. I can see it now. I don’t even know what Kinect Googly Eyes is, but I can already feel how successful it’s going to be. 

The Australian Classifications Board is at it again, spoiling surprises for game companies. Maybe they’re spoiled Microsoft’s E3 show killer. They’ve just listed Googly Eyes, which is sure to use the Kinect sensor, but otherwise remains a mystery. Everything I’m imagining in my head is amazing. I hope MS is on the same page.

Another game leaked by the Aussies sounds a bit less exciting: Tetris Party Challenge. It’s probably an update to Tetris Party, Joystiq guesses. I’m sure it’ll be great, but the name just doesn’t make my eyes pop out of my head, you know.

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