Sephiroth and Cloud cross over into Mobius Final Fantasy

On February 9

Square Enix has been tapping into nostalgia lately, even more so than they have in the past. It’s perfect timing too with the 20th anniversary of Final Fantasy VII, and the latest cameos involve Cloud and Sephiroth making their way into Mobius Final Fantasy.

Mobius is an RPG that involves yet another Warrior of Light, and as of this past month, hit 10 million downloads across both the Android and iOS platforms — it’s also hitting PC today, albeit with some maintenance issues and launch day woes.

Along with World of Final Fantasy I haven’t had the chance to try out a few of these spinoff-esque projects, but after hearing a lot of praise for World over the weekend and seeing Mobius arriving on PC, I think it’s finally time to dive in.

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