Sega shows more love for Steam, adds more content, delivers worldwide

Sega and Valve, sitting in a tree, S-T-E-A-M … eh, yeah …

Today, the two publishers announced an agreement to deliver Sega titles to customers worldwide via Steam. Additionally, the two have announced a bevy of new Sega titles that will be coming to the service this December.

Included among the new titles is Universe at War: Earth Assault, The Golden Compass, Sega Rally Revo, Sega Revo, and European favorites Worldwide Soccer Manager, and Futbol Manager. Additionally, games that were previously available to North Americans via Steam, such as Medieval II: Total War and Rome: Total War, are now available in Europe and “most of the world.”

With Steam picking up uh, steam, soon the rest of the world will be able to skip all of this “going out of the house” nonsense, too. Finally, everyone else will be able to bask in the joys of American-style laziness.

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