Sega should never have stopped making hardware, claims Sonic producer

Sonic the Hedgehog producer and programmer Yuji Naka has been spilling some beans in a recent interview, talking about his secret action platformer, how Lemmings is his favorite game, and the history he has with Sega. The former president of Sonic Team went on to form his own studio, Prope, but is still very closely connected to Sega and had a few things to say about its departure from the home console market.

“Until the very final moments, I was very much against Sega ceasing to develop hardware,” claims the Let’s Tap creator. “In a way I feel that, had that decision not been made, Sega would have gone bankrupt – so maybe it was a good business decision. But at the same time, I also feel like, what the hell – we should have given it a go, and we should have taken that risk.”

The famous game maker went on to stress that it was his personal opinion only, influenced by the fact that he loved his old company’s hardware. In fact, Naka has such fond memories of Sega machinery that he honored the Dreamcast by making his studio’s corproate color orange, a throwback to the tragic console’s logo.

When asked about his new game (the action platformer which is apparently reminiscent of old-school Sonic), Naka is elusive, because the game is not yet approved. However, he promises that once the game gets a green light, we’ll know a lot more. As a self-proclaimed Reverend of Sonicology, I can’t wait to see what he’s got cooking.

Jim Sterling