Sega introduces the Abrax in Golden Axe: Beast Rider

Sega must really be gearing up for Golden Axe: Beast Rider, as they’ve sent yet another video to show you. This is the first of a weekly series of videos leading up to the release showing off the various mounts in the game.

The creature in the video is called an “Abrax” and, according to Sega, is an amalgam of two mounts from the original Golden Axe. Thing is, Golden Axe only had three creatures you could ride and two of them were dragon-like with the only things to distinguish them being color and method of expelling fire. “That’s two”, you say? Look at the beak on that thing’s head and tell me they didn’t toss in the purple chicken.

As for the gameplay in the video, if that’s what I have to look forward to, I’m probably going to skip this one. Maybe future installments with different mounts might sway me in the other direction, but that thing looks unweildy. 

Conrad Zimmerman