Sega Gamer’s Day 2008: new Samba De Amigo screenies

Samba de Amigo is a solid competitor for Happiest Rhythm Game Of All Time up against my all time favorite, Taiko No Tatsujin. A lot of people have missed this gem on the Dreamcast, but thanks to its upcoming release on Wii, a whole new generation of gamers can get in on the maracas-shaking fun.

The game was shown at Sega’s recent Gamers Day, and the screenshots show Samba looking more eccentric and fun than ever. Check out the gallery for nine new screens which depict gameplay in front of a captive audience. Check out some of the detail in those shots — the people in the top right corner especially look as if they are on the verge on a joy-induced aneurysm. HAPPY!

The game is due this Spring, so we may not have to wait too long before we can re-enact elated dance spasms in the privacy of our own living rooms. Yay!

Colette Bennett