Sega confirms Sonic Frontiers news is coming at Gamescom

Sonic Frontiers Gamescom

Maybe a date, finally?

After insisting that Sonic Frontiers is coming by the end of the year multiple times, we haven’t gotten a straight answer yet from Sega. That may change with a release date at the Sonic Frontiers Gamescom announcement, confirmed for August 23 during the Opening Night Live stream.

The tweet included a new piece of art for the game from Sega, and an ominous promise of some sort of announcement. Gamescom Opening Night Live showrunner Geoff Keighley promises “a new look and news” for Frontiers, and at this point, we’re kind of getting down to the wire. I mean it’s going to be playable publicly soon, so all the cards will be out on the table. If you’re interested, the Gamescom Opening Night Live stream will start at 2PM ET on August 23.

I’m at the point where I’d just like to play the game and be done with it. Sonic cycles are often exhausting, especially when Sega provides little snippets that don’t always look great, followed by the onslaught of reactions that are often impacted by underwhelming showings. Sometimes things work out in the end! But I am on my guard after Sonic Forces, so hopefully this new take on the formula brings it.

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