Sonic Frontiers will be playable in public in the UK for the first time at EGX

Sonic Frontiers playable

I hope they bring their A-game build

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A Sonic Frontiers playable public event will be held in just a few months at EGX when the game is set to be shown off openly in the UK, rather than the prior behind-the-curtain setup of Summer Game Fest.

So far the Sonic Frontiers marketing cycle has been shrouded in mystery, with what has become known as “early gameplay” being shown off as a result of a lengthy “IGN First” campaign. From there the game has gotten a mixed reception from the aforementioned behind-closed-doors press-only preview session at the Summer Game Fest event in June, and folks are still largely on the fence regarding yet another foray into the 3D Sonic arena.

Now, a huge collective of people will be able to judge it for themselves…in a couple of months. The news of a playable version comes directly from the EGX Twitter account, which states that the game “will be heading down to #EGX2022 in lightning speed…giving you the UK First Play of Sonic Frontiers!” The event will be held in Excel, London from September 22 through September 25, 2022.

There’s a lot to unpack here, but this potentially means that Sega is likely going to be mum on the game for the next few months, as they still aim for a “2022 release” (a window cited as recently as today in the announcement).

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