See Juri kick a man in Street Fighter High: The Musical

I’m pretty psyched for the sequel to Street Fighter High, which will apparently be a musical. It looks like they’ve upped the ante all around; more characters (including some from Marvel), more comedy, and more violence. Even if you didn’t like the original (Hamza), I’m betting this reboot will be worth your time.

Not convinced? Well then, at least watch the trailer above for long enough to see Juri give El Fuerte a swift kick in the ribs. It’s pretty rad.

One last thing, who’s the girl all the way to the right in the dance party scene? I threw a freeze frame of her in the gallery if you want a closer look.

My guess is it’s the princess from Ghosts ‘N Goblins, but I’m open to speculation.

New Trailer for Street Fighter High: the Musical– [Capcom-Unity]

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