See for yourself what that $70 price tag for NBA 2K next-gen gets you

But will it have Space Jam 2 DLC?

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So I missed my prediction of Lakers in five: but in six still isn’t half bad.

Now that the NBA playoffs have ended and we’re waiting on an announcement for when the 2021 season will begin, all eyes are on NBA 2K21; which came out last month on previous generation consoles and added in unskippable ads after launch. In a little over two weeks the next-gen versions are on the way with a $70 price tag: one of the first-ever announcements before Sony followed suit.

So what is that extra $10 buying you? According to 2K Sports, it’s a version of the game built for next-gen systems. While we’ll be the judge of that when it actually hits, the publisher is sharing a video that goes over more details of the next-gen experience beyond the fidelity enhancements.

2K Sports is boasting quicker load times due to the SSD, “next-gen movement advances,” “150 AI-powered characters” in the lower bowl of the arena for enhanced crowd reactions, and a “dynamic rail cam” that helps center on said visual upgrades. The roughly four-minute video below with director Mike Wang’s commentary will give you a quick rundown. Although we’ve had brief looks in the past with quick cuts, this is one of the only times we’ve gotten raw unedited gameplay.

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