Secret of Mana comes to iPhone this month

Classic action-RPG Secret of Mana is coming to the iDevices this month, at least according to producer Masaru Oyamada. He says that it’s done, and that it’s aiming to release before iTunes locks out all App updates for six days on the 23rd. 

All other details are a mystery. Square has revealed that the game will not cost $0.99, but that it will be cheaper than Chaos Rings. Unfortunately, that puts the price anywhere between two bucks and twelve dollars, so that’s not saying much. 

Secret of Mana is a classic top-down action RPG that was originally released on the SNES. People basically love it, so I expect this’ll shift a few copies. Unless they arrogantly charge ten bucks for the thing. How much would you pay for an iOS port?

Square Enix Teases Impending ‘Secret of Mana’ Release Date [Touch Arcade]

Jim Sterling