Second wave of MGS4 figurines are coming

I just found this awesome toy site! It’s called Tomopop. Whoever puts that place together should really get into the videogame blogging business, that’s for sure. Look how well they covered the news of a new line of Metal Gear Solid 4 figures. Didn’t even know there was an old line? Well there was, and evidently they did pretty darn well (as did the game they were based on). So that means we get more.

This new line of figures features Old Snake, Raiden and Vamp, all of whom are pretty darn shnazzy (official figurine word, ask anyone) looking. The figures are 16 cm tall and are fixed posed, meaning they don’t move so you can’t make Old Snake do dirty things to your regular Snake figurine and thus create some sort of temporal rift.

Speaking of time travel (transition!) Medicom, who is making all these figuurines is also traveling back in time and releasing some new figures from MGS 3. These will be Naked Snake and The Boss. I suggest avoiding The Boss one as having a constant reminder of how vexing he was might make you simply throw the figurine through a wall or something. If you’re interested in buying these guys you can get them at Hobby Link Japan or Hobby Search for 3,500 yen.

Matthew Razak