Second annual Eurogamer takes place later this month

Eurogamer is hosting their second annual Eurogamer Expo later this month in the United Kingdom. The show will feature numerous industry speakers, indie games and it will have a pretty kicking show floor. Aliens vs Predator, Dante’s Inferno, God of War III, Left 4 Dead 2, MAG, New Super Mario Brothers Wii to a ton more. Actually, it’s really impressive and sure as hell puts E 4 All to shame.

If you’re planning on attending, then you should check out DtoidUK. Over a couple of dozen UK Dtoiders are planning on hitting Eurogamer in London on 10/30 to 10/31. Feel free to hit up pheonix-blood to get details on what they’re planning. 

Check out the Eurogamer Expo page for the full details of all that’s going down. Eurogamer is also taking place over in Leeds on the 27 and 28 this month. 

Hamza Aziz