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Britfags @ Eurogamer.


On Friday 30th and Saturday 31st Eurogamer will be taking place in London. http://expo.eurogamer.net/

Okay, okay it isn't PAX or TGS but it is British and no transatlantic flights are required. HAZAR!

So naturally Dtoid UK is using this as a prime excuse to get cozy together (aka get drunk and rape Halfleft).

If you missed it previously, I started a Dtoid UK emailer and today I booked a hostel for 15 of us. Currently the 15 bed dorm is full from Thursday to Sunday with Dtoiders from all over the country. If you wish to join us please drop me a PM and I will send you further information and add you to any emailers so you can book your own accommodation, or if you live in London get in touch for the night time debauchery.

If you have already put your name down for the hostel, please check your emails! 54 is required per person for your stay asap.

Love, kiss and amaretto and cranberry,


p.s If you are dtoid UK and speak sensually to Anus Mcphanus, there may be one or two free MCM expo tickets flouting around for this weekend. However we promise nothing mwahahahaaha!
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