Seagulls are obnoxious: Burnout ‘Big Surf’ DLC hits June 11

Criterion Games has just released the first trailer for the long-awaited Burnout Paradise downloadable content, “Big Surf Island,” which hits Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on June 11.

Based on what I’m seeing here, if you were to tell me that this is an entirely new Burnout game, I’d believe it. But it’s not — it’s just some sick-looking DLC.

In addition to an entirely new area, the pack will feature nine new vehicles, including the Carson Dust Storm buggy featured in the trailer. “Big Surf” also comes with new events, new Freeburn Challenges, and the promise of the biggest jumps ever, like one through an enormous chocolate and spinkles donut. (Yes, I’m hungry.)

No word on pricing at this time, but seagulls being the most obnoxious birds ever is pretty much confirmed by the trailer after the jump. Plenty of info about the DLC at Criterion Games’ Web site.

Nick Chester