Sea of Thieves Season 10 voyage delayed to October

Sea of Thieves Season 10 Delay

Rare Games revealed in a video that Season 10 for Sea of Thieves will embark a little later than expected. According to the team, recent changes to the upcoming release roadmap have led to the delay. The decision was made for quality, sustainability of the development process, and the well-being of the team. The substantial Season 10 update will now set sail on October 19

While delays are never fun, it’s always understandable when it’s ensuring game quality. Based on the recent Sea of Thieves official podcast episode, it sounds like some heavy-hitting new systems are coming to the pirate adventure:

“As we assess the ongoing development of Season 10, looking at the work we’ve got remaining, and the expectation that there will still be unforeseen issues that will crop up,” said Creative Director Mike Chapman. “And even though the team is working incredibly hard to pull this ambitious feature set together, ultimately we’re not where we want to be in the development timeframe. So we’ve taken the difficult decision to delay Season 10 to October 19. This has been an incredibly hard decision for us to make on the Sea of Thieves. It’s a very difficult thing for us to do with the plans that we had, but this is right for us. Especially for the ambitions that we had for Season 10.”

Season 10 appears to be full of new content

Rare typically doesn’t disclose SoT features ahead of time but this is shaping up to be a big update.

Typically each season comes with one headline content feature. However, with the new timeframe, the plan is for two headliner features in the first two months of Season 10. The team explains that while things may feel slow right now, Season 10 should re-energize the SoT world with multiple feature releases, events, and experiences.

Sea of Thieves Season 10 is scheduled to release October 19 on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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