SDCC: Sigourney Weaver involved with Avatar: The Game

Don’t those two look completely wrapped up and interested in what they’re watching? Wait, what are they watching. Oh, right, it’s James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game. How silly of me to forget.

If you’re wondering about those 3D glasses, let me remind everyone that the game adaptation of Avatar will be viewable in full 3D, a feature that was nothing short of one-hundred percent necessary. Hey, the G-Force game did it, so why the heck not?

Although actress Sigourney Weaver has turned down doing voice work for games based on Ghostbusters and Aliens, she has jumped on board Avatar: The Game. Weaver takes the role of a character named Dr. Grace Augustine, and … that’s all the info we’ve got. Don’t be too bummed out.

Other voice actors appearing in the game include Michelle Rodriguez, Giovanni Ribisi, and Stephen Lang. You’re not even listening to what I am saying anymore, are you?

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